PacketLight offers advanced DWDM CWDM solutions with built-in OTN and encryption support in a highly integrated cost-effective, 1U form factor. Read about our technology offerings in the following white papers.

Read more about the challenges enterprises and carriers face while planning and deploying WDM and OTN networks.

Opportunities and Strategies - 400G DWDM/OTN Networks

This white paper explores interoperability, openness, and disaggregation strategies for migrating to 400G DWDM and OTN networks. Read more

Single Fiber Solutions for 400G Wavelengths

This white paper explores PacketLight’s solutions for transmission of 400G over single fiber. Read more

Encryption in Criminal Justice Information Services

This white paper explores how PacketLight's FIPS 140-2 certified DWDM/OTN equipment is used in CJIS to comply with US federal laws regarding data encryption in federal agencies. Read more

Alien Wavelength Solution

This white paper examines PacketLight's alien wavelength solutions for driving additional capacity over existing OTN/DWDM network infrastructure. Read more

Secured Encrypted 1G to 200G DWDM Transport Solutions

This white paper discusses PacketLight’s advanced Layer-1 optical encryption solution. Read more

Active vs. Passive Optical Network Solutions

This white paper explores active and passive solutions for building CWDM/DWDM backbone networks, how active and passive networks are built, the differences between them, advantages and disadvantages. Read more

Low Power Consumption DWDM and OTN Devices

This white paper discusses how low power consumption DWDM/OTN devices reduce netwok costs and increase efficiency. Read more

Optical Transport Network Solutions

This white paper explores PacketLight’s optical transport network (OTN) solutions for high throughput broadband services. Read more

DWDM Distance Extension and Conversion for 100G

This white paper explores the joint solution developed by PacketLight and Arista, for cost-effective and scalable distance extension, and media conversion. Read more

100G Coherent Solution - Features and Applications

This white paper examines PacketLight's coherent solution, which enables transport of 100G data rate capacity on a single wavelength over 2,500 km, without the need for dispersion compensation. Read more

OTN MSPP Platforms Based on WDM

This white paper provides an overview of the next generation optical access platform features and capabilities in conjunction with DWDM and OTN layer. Read more

DWDM & OTN High Capacity Muxponders

This white paper explores solutions for bandwidth challenges and getting the most out of the fiber infrastructure. Read more

WDM for Data Centers

This white paper discusses how PacketLight’s 1U WDM solutions are ideal for data centers to meet their customers' demands. Read more

ROADM - The Core of Agile Optical Networks

This white paper explores the evolution of infrastructure from passive-based solutions and its limitations, to ROADM-based solutions. Read more

Single Fiber Solutions

Learn about PacketLight’s active and passive solutions for single fiber transmission. Read more

Data Center Backbone Connectivity

This white paper explores how PacketLigt's DWDM product line is used to create carrier grade high capacity backbone infrastructure for data center connectivity. Read more

Optical Facility Protection for WDM Networks

This white paper explores the different ways to protect WDM networks. Read more

Upgrading CWDM to DWDM Network

Learn how PacketLight's WDM equipment enables customers to grow their networks by introducing DWDM over the CWDM network. Read more

Maximizing Multimode Fiber

This white paper discusses how to maximize the use of multimode fiber in different applications. Read more

Optical Network Diagnostics Capabilities

This white paper looks at the diagnostic tools integrated into all PacketLight’s CWDM/DWDM and OTN products, for reducing network downtime and maximizing SLA commitments. Read more

OSC for Equipment Monitoring & Management

Discover PacketLight’s solution to easily manage third party appliances by utilizing a built-in optical supervisory channel (OSC) in all its products. Read more