Read about the deployment of PacketLight solutions in a variety of applications and industries.

Security Functionality in Video Transmission - Japan

PacketLight devices were tested for security functionality in the transmission of various video over IP transmissions over different 400G network setups. Read more

800G DWDM DCI Solution for IXP - PIT Chile, Chile

PacketLight deploys user-friendly 800G DCI solution, which the customer self-installs with minimal help needed. Read more

DWDM DCI Solution for Bank - Salumanus, Poland

PacketLight builds high capacity, low latency, and secure DCI network. Read more

DWDM Solution for SAN - Iusacell, Mexico

PacketLight builds redundant, low latency storage network that supports any mix of services. Read more

DWDM for Video Transport - Sapporo, Japan

PacketLight connects 200G links in NICT experiment of transmitting live uncompressed 8K video. Read more

DWDM for Video Transport - MediaHub, Australia

PacketLight expands and builds a resilient, low latency video broadcast backbone that supports a mix of video and data protocols. Read more

DWDM DCI Solution - The Norwegian Tax Administration

PacketLight deploys a secure, low latency optical link between two data centers, with future growth possibilities. Read more

DWDM DCI Network - Netcompany, Denmark

PacketLight connects two data centers, building a secure, low latency optical link, with pay-as-you-grow architecture. Read more

Alien Wavelength Solution - Twin Lakes, USA

PacketLight upgraded the existing IPTV infrastructure of Twin Lakes to a 10GbE DWDM ring network, while maintaining their existing GbE cellular fiber network. Read more

Alien Wavelength Solution - NRBN, Canada

PacketLight partners with NRBN to increase network capacity from 10G to 100G without changing existing infrastructure, and enabling NRBN to support the Niagara region. Read more

DWDM for Video Transport - Red Media, Russia

PacketLight builds video transport connection, providing Red Media with a low latency, high quality link. Read more

DWDM Network with Low Latency - Avelacom, Latvia

PacketLight builds a low latency network from London to Moscow, providing Avelacom with a 100G throughput high-speed network. Read more

DWDM Network with Protection - ElCat, Kyrgyzstan

PacketLight deploys 2100 km of protected DWDM network in just two weeks, enabling ElCat to offer connectivity to their local and international customers. Read more

DWDM Network over Dark Fiber - Zummer, Russia

PacketLight deployed a 10G optical network stretching over 2000 kilometers, enabling them to lease lines to commercial customers and further increase their service offerings. Read more

High Capacity DCI Network - Brocade, USA

PacketLight and Brocade® deliver a simplified SAN connectivity solution that supports the growing need for data storage backup, disaster recovery, and redundancy without adding complexity or using valuable space in the data center. Read more

Building WDM Network - ITandTEL, Austria

Infrastructure upgrade using PacketLight's cost-effective WDM solutions for supporting 10G MPLS network. Read more

DWDM Network with Low Latency - CERN, Switzerland

PacketLight's carrier grade DWDM solution provided CERN with a throughput rate of 10G in a compact and easy to configure 1U chassis with the possibility of simple expansion in the future. Read more

Alien Wavelength Solution - RETN, Russia

RETN selects PacketLight’s 100G connectivity solutions to upgrade 4,000 kilometers of network. Read more