What are Muxponders?

Muxponders aggregate multiple client services into a single wavelength/uplink using OTN mapping. Read more

What is OTN?

OTN enables convergence of traditional and new data services into a common optical transport network layer. Read more

What is Layer-1 Optical Encryption?

Optical encryption over Layer-1 of the optical network is an important element in protecting the data transported. Read more

What is DWDM?

DWDM combines multiple wavelengths into a single optical fiber, enabling better fiber utilization. Read more

What is CWDM?

CWDM is a WDM technology that has a lower entry point and has become less common. Read more

What are Transponders?

Transponders transmit data, storage voice and video client services over separate spectral wavelengths. Read more

What are ROADMs?

The ROADM enables dynamic and flexible wavelength routing in DWDM ring and mesh networks. Read more

What are Alien Wavelengths?

Alien wavelengths are added to existing OTN or DWDM network infrastructure to add capacity to fiber optic networks. Read more