As optical network infrastructures grew, a new optical transport network (OTN) layer over WDM network evolved, enabling more efficient convergence of mix of services such as 10/40/100Gb Ethernet, 8/16/32G FC and traditional SONET/SDH.

OTN Product Family

OTN Product Family

The OTN layer is designed to map different protocols and rates into the same 10G uplink pipe, providing high bandwidth capabilities, low heat dissipation and reduced rack space requirements, at a comparatively low cost.

OTN enables transport over longer distances with less regeneration sites by utilizing forward error correction (FEC) embedded within the OTN layer. This makes the OTN layer the most efficient and cost-effective multi service provisioning platform (MSPP) over WDM infrastructure.

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PacketLight's OTN layer transport products are modular, and a cost-effective way for rolling out 100G services

The devices use standards-based, pluggable optical modules on all optical interfaces on both client and line sides. The solution meets market demands for low power consumption and rack space savings, reducing overall CAPEX and OPEX and enabling to easily and cost-effectively increase capacity of enterprise and metro networks.

OTN Layer Product Suite

PL-4000T - 1.6T Transponder/Muxponder


4 x 400G Transponder / Muxponder

PacketLight's PL-4000T is a high capacity transport platform for DCI, metro and long haul applications, delivering up to 4 x 400G wavelengths in a... Read more
PL-4000M - 400G Muxponder


400G Muxponder

PacketLight's PL-4000M is a high capacity transport platform which aggregates a flexible mix of services into a 400G DWDM uplink. The PL-4000M is a... Read more
PL-4000G - 4.8T Transponder


4.8T Transponder

PacketLight's PL-4000G is an integrated 1U platform that transports a mix of 100GbE and 400GbE over 400G wavelengths, for high capacity DCI... Read more
PL-2000T - 800G Optical Transport Platform


800G Optical Transport Platform

PacketLight's PL-2000T is a highly integrated solution with four 200G pluggable optical modules, delivering up to 8 x 100Gb Ethernet or OTU4 in a 1U... Read more
PL-2000ADS Muxponder and Transponder for 200G Short Reach Optical Networks


200G ADM for Short Haul

PacketLight’s PL-2000ADS is a 200G multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder/ADM for short haul optical transport solutions and Layer-1... Read more
PL-2000M 200G Single Wavelength Muxponder


200G Single Wavelength Muxponder

PacketLight’s PL-2000M is a 200G multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder for building high capacity optical transport networks. Its flexible... Read more
PL-2000 20G OTN ADM Muxponder


20G OTN ADM Muxponder

PacketLight’s PL-2000 20G OTN ADM muxponder provides an efficient and flexible aggregation layer and cross-connect of multi-protocol/multi-rate... Read more
PL-1000TN 10G DWDM Transponder


10G DWDM OTN Transponder

PacketLight’s PL-1000TN DWDM OTN transponder is designed for long distance, high-attenuation link budget, ROADM infrastructure with 10G connectivity... Read more