PacketLight LightWatchTM is a multi-platform Java-based network/element management system (NMS/EMS).

The system provides full fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security (FCAPS) functionality and is compliant with telecommunications Management network (TMN) standards.

LightWatch uses the MySQLTM database, and is built with modular client pay-as-you-grow offerings, scalable to 500 network elements and 20 clients.

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Key Features

  • Hierarchical topology view of the devices in the network
  • Network fault management
  • Network inventory management
  • Service management
  • Management and configuration of users
  • Task scheduling for network operation (e.g. software download, configuration files upload and download)
  • Collects, displays and stores performance monitoring (PM) data from all network elements
  • Chassis management
  • Supports distributed client server architecture
  • Supported by Windows and Linux operating systems
  • NMS server resiliency

Topology Planning

  • Allows hierarchical network domains
  • Automatic network topology discovery
  • Allows manual drawing of the connections between nodes
  • Allows definition of background map

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Fault Management

  • Displays history of network events
  • Shows current alarms
  • Supports filtering events and alarms
  • Keeps up to 30 days of event history
  • Supports audible alarms
  • Event forwarding to email server

Task Scheduling

  • Scheduling download of new software versions into groups of network elements
  • Scheduling upload of configuration files from group of network elements
  • Scheduling download of configuration files into group of nodes
  • Downloading license files into group of nodes
  • Uploading log files from group of devices

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Performance Management and Inventory

  • Collects PM data from all devices in the network
  • Displays the history of 15–minute and Day PM data
  • PM counters according to pre-defined filter
  • Supports configurable graphical view of PM data
  • Allows export of PM information to file in .CSV format
  • Displays inventory of group of network elements
  • Complies with standard ENTITY-MIB (RFC-4133)
  • Allows filtering of the network elements according to selected field values
  • Supports export of inventory into .CSV file

SMM - Service Management Module

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  • A-to-Z service provisioning wizard
  • Automatic detection of provisioned services
  • Displays and highlights the path of a selected service
  • Supports display of service path, status and faults
  • Supports full service awareness with the advanced chassis service management module (CSMM)