Build your network with PacketLight modular family of 1U products, providing all optical infrastructure needs, from advanced ROADM, to amplification and passive infrastructure products.

PL-1000D Fiber Optic Network Monitoring SolutionPL-1000D

Fiber Optic Network Diagnostic and Monitoring

Non-intrusive monitoring using OTDR to detect fiber quality and cut, and OSA for spectrum and OSNR analysis. Read more
PL-1000RO Next Generation WSS ROADMPL-1000RO


Advanced ROADM functionality supporting colorless, directionless, and both 50GHz and 100GHz ITU grids. Read more
PL-1000IL DWDM Optical AmplifierPL-1000IL

EDFA Optical Amplifiers

Amplification configurations of DWDM modules such as: booster, inline and pre-amplifier EDFA, tunable DCM, mux/demux and optical switch, integrated into PacketLight's 1U platforms. Read more
PL-1000R DWDM Raman Amplification SolutionPL-1000R

Raman Amplifier

Counter-propagating Raman amplifier and hybrid Raman-EDFA in 1U platform Read more
PL-300 Passive WDM Solutions PL-300

Passive WDM Solutions

Passive optical network product line extends WDM optical network solution capabilities. Read more