PacketLight product suite of highly flexible CWDM/DWDM/OTN optical networking platforms for transport of data, storage, voice, and video for DCI and metro applications.

PL-1000TE Universal 1G to 40G TransponderPL-1000TE

1G to 40G Multi-rate Transponder

Universal DWDM/CWDM 622M to 40G 1U transponder, supporting up to 8 transponders with a flexible mix of industry standard protocols. Read more
PL-1000TN 10G DWDM TransponderPL-1000TN

10G DWDM OTN Transponder

Cost-effective, 10G OTN DWDM 1U transponder with low power consumption, for long haul applications. Read more
PL-2000 20G OTN ADM MuxponderPL-2000

20G OTN ADM Muxponder

A multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder in a cost-effective 1U chassis. Read more