High capacity data transport between data centers is a vital need in enterprises to support the growing demands of data transmitted at any time and from any place, including high bandwidth applications such as video transport, data backup and cloud services.

Transport high capacity data and storage services over long distances with Layer-1 encryption and link redundancy.

Today’s users who expect all data to be available from everywhere and at any time, have facilitated a market demand for high bandwidth capacity and seamless Data Center Interconnect (DCI) connectivity. The role of data centers has rapidly evolved over the last few years. From offering basic storage services to providing full scale connectivity, storage, and disaster recovery that have become critical to enterprises.

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High Capacity DCI Deployment

PacketLight solutions enable greenfield deployment of high capacity DCI. The solution also enables easy scaling of existing network capacity without replacing exiting OTN/DWDM infrastructure, by adding 100G/200G/400G alien wavelengths. This solution facilitates a cost-effective upgrade and provides the flexibility to use different vendor hardware seamlessly over the same infrastructure, forming a disaggregated open line system solution.

Data Center Interconnect

High Capacity DCI Solution for Mix of Services

Performance Monitoring

As the scale and capacity of data that needs to interconnect between colocations grow, internet exchanges and data centers rapidly increase fiber and bandwidth on each link. The health of the DWDM fiber link and the traffic it carries must be monitored, including alerts. PacketLight’s embedded high-level performance monitoring (PM) solution provides full visibility on the fiber infrastructure and health of the transported data.

Layer-1 Encryption for High Level of Security

PacketLight’s Layer-1 encryption solution performs GCM-AES-256 encryption on Layer-1 without any degradation to the full bandwidth of GbE/10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet and 1/2/4/8/16/32G Fibre Channel services. The solution complies with NIST FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria EAL2, and Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Top Secret Suite B 2015 requirements for GbE/10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet. This enables carriers to offer secured infrastructure to customers that demand high level of confidentiality.   

DWDM/OTN Connectivity for Short and Long Haul

PacketLight solutions span across all range of distances, from short haul campus solutions to metro, to long haul, with optimal products for each distance.

The devices integrate optical amplifiers, mux/demux, DCMs and optical switch in a low power consumption 1U, to deliver full DWDM/OTN connectivity for long haul networks. In addition, they use high-performance FEC (forward error correction) to meet the challenges of high link attenuation and OSNR, with minimal intermediate sites.

Scalable Data Center Interconnect Solutions

PacketLight solutions are a highly integrated cost-effective 1U. The devices form a multi-chassis which can expand at any time to add more capacity, without link downtime. They are easy to install, enable fast network deployment, take up minimal rack space and have low power consumption, significantly reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

Data centers use high-end DWDM optical network solutions for transporting multiple 10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet services to satisfy the increase in demand for high bandwidth. As data capacity increases, the need for economical rack space and power consumption has become more crucial to create cost effective, scalable networks.

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